Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Brave New World

I know that I have been missing in action for a long time. I just wanted to share the following comment I wrote in a response to a commentary written in the Washington Post today.

Here is the link to the Washington Post:

and my response is as follows:

bravenewworld wrote:

I must thank you Mr. Samuelson for helping me make up my mind for this election cycle. Your own lack of courage to go with your initial gut feeling about Obama and need to settle for questionable "experience" at best may make you feel safer, richer, whatever; but it is you who is deluding yourself. As we have seen in the past, numbers can be spun many ways, and frankly, most Americans probably understand that many of the goals that Obama has set will only come to fruition if he has a ready and willing Congress to back him up. Our system of checks and balances will either protect us from his supposed lack of experience or better yet, the people will give him a true mandate to help him make his optimistic vision a reality.I too was troubled by the whole "experience thing" until I read your silly and juvenile flip flop of a commentary. You and HRC and Mr. McCain have nothing to offer but pessimism. Some people may equate that with realism but that is an unequal comparison. Facing reality is something we do in the present tense. There is no realism when it comes to the future because we can not predict the events that will influence it. We can have hope and we can be optimistic about the future of our country if we so dare. Or we can crawl into our shells, content to be supposedly "secure" but with no real idea of where we want to go as a nation.Truthfully, I would rather make it up as we go along and risk my seven year old son's future in Mr. Obama's world than one with all the experience that a Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, HRC with her unfortunate vote on the war, Sen. J. Lieberman, and a flip flopper like you would provide. I would much rather he grow up in a world of "rhetoric" that is backed up by sincerity than one in which so called Republicans like Bill Frist and chief crook Tom Delay forgot their civic duties and the essence of republicanism, only to pillage and loot the nation of not only treasure, but also of many of it's long held and cherished principles and ideals.Lastly, maybe you would rather have Karl Rove back, too. He is also a known quantity as is Scooter Libby. I was born in India and I can not claim that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, etc. were my forefathers; but thankfully they were your's. They, too, were inexperienced, but they dared to dream of a better future as did Lincoln, and Roosevelt, and Kennedy. Thankfully for all of us, they were none too bogged down by realism and the false sense of security it provides. Obama, too will probably end up being just as flawed as all of those mentioned before were. But we dare to hope that he too lives up to his rhetoric and remains as free from the burdens of history as those other great men were able to be.


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