Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Real Tragedy


This is from my reply to another Washington Post article - the link to the article is above:

Of course, this is just another sad day in the sad times we live in. Reading some of the comments on this article, I am even more disheartened that so many are filled with hatred and disgust with "the other side". We do not honor the dead and serve their memories well by using their deaths only to score cheap political points or advance views on topics totally unrelated to the sadness at hand. There is no greater injustice then the death of a 2 year old little girl by a bullet of any kind - period! Whether she died from any American bullet or from shrapnel from an Iraqi/ Shiite/ Sunni/ Palastinian/ Hamas/ Hezbollah suicide bomber, it is a tragedy.And those of you who believe that soldiers are just cold blooded killers, I suggest you seek out some soldiers who have actually been in combat and talk with them. Or at least watch "For God and Country - A Sniper's Story" on MSNBC if they repeat it. Stop being so firmly set in your opinions that you have no room left in your brain and in your heart for the stories, experiences and opinions of others. If you are moved by the death of this little girl or feel for the soul of the soldier who shot her or actually give a damn about the world you live in, then go out and learn about the root causes of the conflicts we are involved in and find out about our governments motives behind the moves that it makes. Come to your own intelligent conclusions and vote! Don't let the cable news shows make up your mind for you. Just remember, we get the leaders we deserve. We elect them. They are only as dumb or as smart as we are. We bear the responsibilty for this country's actions or non-actions collectively. And if your brain can't comprehend the goings on in Iraq, then look in your own backyard. Is the death of a young child by a bullet on the streets of Philadelphia or DC by a car jacker or a crack addict any less tragic?Honor little Tabarik's life by caring about the world you live in, all of it's imperfect people, and be willing to give up something of your own, be it blood or treasure, to make it a better place for the children that remain and still to come.